Euromed Civil Forum

Non-institutional initiative for coordination and debate among the civil society organisations of the Mediterranean basin.

Specifically, the Euromed Civil Forum is an annual meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society aimed at influencing the Barcelona Process through the contributions of civil society.

Civil forums have been held with distinct characteristics and formations. Civil Forums have always been organise by the turning European presidency and nearby the Euro-Mediterranean Meetings of Foreign Affairs Ministers. They have provided EuroMed civil society an opportunity to meet and agree on recommendations to the EMP governments.

Since the Civil Forum in Valencia 2002, discussions took place about how to strengthen the Civil Forum format. The Non-Governmental Platform for the Euro-Mediterranean Civil Forum, including hundreds of associations from all Euro-Mediterranean partners, was established in Winter 2003 to reform the Euromed Civil Forum and establish a permanent interface between Euromed civil society and governments.

Previous Fora of the Euro-Mediterranean civil society:

– Civil Forum Barcelona (1995)

– Civil Forum Malta (1997)

– Civil Forum Naples (1997)

– Civil Forum Stuttgart (1999)

– Civil Forum Marseille (2000)

– Civil Forum Valencia (2002)

– Civil Forum Chania (2003)

– Civil Forum Naples (2003)

– Civil Forum Luxembourg (2005)

– Civil Forum Marrakech (2006)

– Civil Forum Marseille (2008)

– Alicante Civil Forum (2010)