Jordan River

A river of the Middle East, 360 km long, which is formed by different rivers rising in Syria and Lebanon, and flows into the Dead Sea. Its annual flow is 1,3 billion m³ on average and 1,85 billion m³ at the river’s mouth.

The upstream part of the Jordan River is fed by the Dan source, by the Hasbani River which springs in Lebanon and by the Banias River which springs on the Golan Heights. This part of the river provides 40% of Israel’s water supplies.

The Yarmouk River which rises in Syria and has an annual flow of 500 million m³ crosses Jordan and flows into the Jordan River 10 km south of the Lake of Tiberias. The tributaries from the eastern side of the downstream part of the river add 220 million m³ and the eastern tributaries add 54 million m³ to its annual flow.

There is no agreement on the use of water between the states bordering the Jordan river basin although Israel, Jordan and the Occupied Territories have to face an annual water shortage of 300 to 400 million m³.

Only 3% of the Jordan river basin is on Israeli territory (pre-1967 borders).