UN SC Resolution 425 (Israel- Lebanon)

Resolution 425 calls upon Israel to cease its military action against Lebanese territorial integrity and withdraw its forces from all Lebanese territory. This resolution was adopted in the wake of the « Litani Operation » led by Israeli military forces in March 1978 in southern Lebanon with the purpose of destroying the positions of the PLO there. Since then, Resolution 425 has been constantly invoked internationally to demand the unconditional Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon.

Several other resolutions on the successive Israeli military operations in Lebanon and its occupation of Lebanese territories have been adopted since then (see « UN Security Council Resolution 509 »).

Israel presently still occupies southern Lebanon (see « security zone ») and regards itself as having the right to launch regular attacks against the Hezbollah* resistance installed there.

« The Security Council,

1. Calls for strict respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon within its internationally recognized boundaries ;

2. Calls upon Israel immediately to cease its military action against Lebanese territorial integrity and withdraw forthwith its forces from all Lebanese territory;

3. Decides, in the light of the request of the Government of Lebanon to establish immediately under its authority a United Nations interim force for southern Lebanon for the purpose of confirming the withdrawal of Israeli forces, restoring international peace and security and assisting the Government of Lebanon in ensuring the return of its effective authority in the area , the force to be composed of personnel drawn from States Members of the United Nations;

4. Requests the Secretary General to report to the Council within twenty-four hours on the implementation of this resolution. »

Adopted on 19 March 1978 with 12 votes in favour and two abstentions (the USSR and Czechoslovakia).