Thanks to its website and the visibility of its activities, the MEDEA Institute receives a variety of requests, from a simple interview to the production of analyses and reports. The consultancy services offered by the Institute provide professional bodies and the wider public with specialized advice on the Maghreb and Mashrek regions and the Arabic Peninsula, as well as on Euro-Arab relations.

The consultancy provided by the MEDEA Institute involves:

  • Responding to interview requests by the media;
  • Monitoring the work of the European and Belgian Institutions relative to Euro-Arab relations;
  • Carrying out new reports and analyses upon specific requests or in anticipation of an event;
  • Putting into contact the various actors of the Euro-Mediterranean and Euro-Arab dialogues at all levels (diplomats, students, CEOs, political figures, academics, etc.);
  • Organising and assisting in the organization (providing the contact details of specialists and speakers) of events.